An now we start Tejedora.

The basic premise of this comic came from a conversation with a friend about power fantasies.  As we all know the superhero genera is full of the male power fantasy. What is the male power fantasy you ask?  Well good old Genghis Khan summed it up perfectly in this quote:

The greatest pleasure is to vanquish your enemies and chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth and see those dear to them bathed in tears, to ride their horses and clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters.

Say what you want about Temujin but he always got to the core of things.  The discussion of power fantasy got to a discussion of what a female power fantasy would be.  What a superhero written from that perspective would look like.  For the most part it looked the same.  Being in control and having the power to control your destiny.  The breaking point was how this power was exiercized.  The quote my friend gave me was this:

Men want trophies, women want horses.

The male power fantasy is about running into battle buck naked and tearing the enemy apart with your bare hands.  The female power fantasy is about convincing a bunch of men to run buck naked into battle and tearing your enemies apart with their bare hands while you watch with a nice cup of exotic tea.  Women on a base level see no reason to get their hands dirty when their a perfectly good men around to do it for them.

Now before you get up in arms and say that the I am over generalizing and that you don’t have that fantasy let me offer this argument for my viewpoint:


That’s it.  Just; Twilight.

Yes you may not have that fantasy but there are a unholy number girls that fantasize about do absolutely nothing as a bunch of men run around doing all the work and talking about how special they are.  If you think I am wrong justify the popularity of Twilight.

Not the point it power fantasy don’t always have to be insipid.  For every Genghis Khan there is a Superman.  The power fantasy is just that a fantasy about having the power to change the world.  Superheros when they are done well take the power fantasy and explore their limits.  Look at the drawback and show the noble side of human nature when given unrivaled power.  With great power come great responsibility and all that rot.

Just like Superman/Khan are two sides of the power fantasy coin you should have Bella/…

And that is where the conversation hit a road block.  We could not think of a positive implementation of the female power fantasy.  There is a real fear of powerful women in this society and the subtler way that women exercise their power.  So I set off to write a story around this slightly different idea of power.  To explore it’s limits and have find the path to nobility through her power.

That is the comic we start today.  Tejedora.

PS: because I know you are going to be thinking about these videos: