And here we are at the last page of Sarah Finn.  It cuts out right at a moment of dramatic tension but it is what it is.   By the way sorry about missing two updates.  Things got a little busy here.

So where were things going to go from here?  Well Jake was going to actually manage to kill the fallen angel using the ring but in her death throws she transfer her spirit into Jake.  This tranforms Jake into a girl (this was a spinoff of exiern a TG fantasy comic after all).

Jake now Sarah finds out that the only way to get back to “his” normal self is to put the spirit of the angel at rest.  In short Sarah has to solve the mystery of why this angel was in a hotel room with a man heart in her hands.  And this begins our supernatural Noir with a TG twist.

It was a good story and it’s a shame I never got to tell it in it’s entirety.

Friday something completely different.