So your probably saying to your self; “Wait wasn’t the angel lady naked in the previous page?”  And yes she was, kinda, after all it was an overhead shot and you couldn’t really see anything naughty.  But yes the page did indicate that she was sans apperal in the previous page.

This is due to the fact that  Sarah Finn was supposed to run off the Exiern model with a PG page for the public and an R rated page for paying customers.  Now because the artist moved on mid process I have a mix of R and PG rated pages for this comic.

Does that mean there are some naughty pages coming up in the sequence.  Technically yes but in practicality no.  I want to keep this site firmly in the PG range so when the naught pages come up in rotation I am going to censor them.

I am done with the R rated stuff.  I don’t have the stomach for it any more.  The problem is not really with R rated material but with other’s perception of R rated material.  R rated stuff scares some people away, incites other to acts of great evil in an attempt to wipe it out andd the people who are for it are a little to  FOR it is you cat my drift.

In a way I wish I lived in a different society where the fact that we are all naked under our clothes and sex is a part of life is not considered forbidden knowledge.  But when you get right down to it I live in this society and I have to work within it.  Sex only spoils stories because we are way to repressed about sex true.  But the end of the day the fact that sex spoils stories remains.

It’s sort of interesting that the main story arch of Sarah Finn parallels the problems I have had with sex in stories.  I wanted to tell a story about how the grays of morality cause problems because it can’t fit into a world where people think in black an white.  And this is exactly why I am done with sex in stories.  Sex is a grey and people to often think in black and white to accept it for a story element.