I said I had more to post, and I thought I did.  I was going  to post a couple of short stories that I wrote a while back. But when I actually dusted off the files and took a look they were…  they were just awful.  It’s going to take some major rewriting and probably a couple of writing classes before I am ready to show these stories anywhere.   So that’s it for not.

And thus we are done.  I got nothing else sitting on my hard drive waiting to see the light of day.

Let me just give my final thoughts on the comics I showed here:


This was with out a doubt the most fun to write out of the scripts.  There was no limit on the world or the characters, what ever crazy thing came to mind was fair game.  It is also the most limited of the scripts I worked on in terms of appeal.  “Random fun” comics are a very old format spanning back to the very origins of webcomics.  As such it’s a pretty well tread territory and frankly I only have so much  wacky fun in me.  While this was a fun comic to write I can tell I would quickly run out of ideas.

The one think I did like about this comic that did make it different from the others was that the two main character really did love each other.  I get so tired of the will they/won’t they story lines.  A comic that features the next stage of a relationship is kind of fun and taken to the extremes of A2Z is very fun.  Instead of arguing about how to replace toilet paper its over the world destroying weather machine.  It’s Mad About You with killer robots.

I think if I was good enough of an artist, this is the comic I would draw myself.  But this comic just doesn’t have the base in 2013 to support a contract artist.

Celine the Exquisite Corpse

We will put this under the heading of seemed like a good idea at the time.  While Exquisite Corpse is a fun party game the nature of the writing quickly spins the comic out of control.  This might work if there was an overseeing editor that was in charge of shaping and directing the story but.  As it is this was just a dumb thing to do.  Entertaining but dumb.

Sarah Finn

Honestly if I was looking for commercial success this is the comic I would go with.  I know the rhythm of this type of story both in the mystery/monster of the week  storyline and the TG body angst storyline.  I know how to make money with this type of story and I have the contacts needed to bring it to life.  I could do a good job with this comic.

The problem here is I am done with this type of story.  I had 6 years on Exiern and I am just played out on the TG thing.  Plus the adult aspect of Sarah Finn makes me a bit twitchy.  I can very quickly undermine the comic if you are not careful with it.  I found with Exiern the pressure to meet profit targets started to infiltrate my writing.  I am just not good at separating the business man me who wants to include fanservice to make a profit and the writer who wants to keep the integrity of the story intact, fanserice be damned.

I would have to get someone to manage the business side of things and frankly keep profits a complete secret from me.  Which is not impossible, Dan might be interested.  But even then we are back to the TG thing.  That’s the hook of the story.   Without it I really don’t know what the core of the conflict is.  And I am really and truly tapped out on TG.

I don’t know with this one.  Maybe with a bit more time and space I will come back to it.  But right now I just don’t feel like it.


This was my favorite script.  I was something different and yet tied to so many things I love.  The main character was different from all the “strong independent women” (http://youtu.be/7diBUMQVh4k) that litter modern fiction right now but still someone who was proactive with her life.  Rachel was a meddler and a perfectionist.  Her obsession with Defender was not so much love as just wanting to get the “best man” as if men were collectibles.  She was powerful and yet flawed, and in both she was somewhat unique.

The problem here thought is the same thing I liked about about Rachel, her uniqueness.  Rachel was a urban, latinia, yupie woman and I’m none of those things.    As Rachel grew the superhero story I had planed for her just didn’t feel right. And frankly writing for a character who can see the future is pretty tricky.  My voice as a writer started to clash with Rachels voice in my head and the plans I had for the story started to unravel.  I was left with a good character and a good conflict but no idea how to write them.

I still feel like there is something here.  Something grand.  But I don’t know anymore if I am the one to bring it to life.  I tried to find collaborators for this story but none of them worked out.  Perhaps as I mature as a writer I can come back to this one day but for the time being I am just lost on this story.