This page of Celine was written and drawn by Alex Heberling (  I really like Alex’s style of art.  It is clean and expressive.  Best suited for webcomics where on average you get just a glance before a reader will click away.

Art style is something I have always struggled with in webcomics.  As a middleman between the audience and the artist picking the right style of art is one of my jobs.  In general, according to the stats on my sites, people stay on a site for less that 45 second.  In that time you have to hook your reader of they are lost to you.

In a comic book detail art is the most prized because the reader can take time with the book.  The detailed illustration makes a comic and artwork instead of just a comic.  But with webcomic there is a different goal.  A detailed webcomic is muddy and hard to understand at first glance.  Webcomics are about capturing audiences and telling stories not about collector value and as such the art has to be tooled to that goal.