This page was written by Allison ( and my own pinch hitter artist Erwin (  Alison has a very similar writing style to myself and you can see that Erwin dealt with the Zuda format the same way that Jimmy did by dividing up the page into to smaller pages.

I have to say the dialog on this page is my favorite.  Keep in mind that this comic was produced before Dr Horrible so Allison can proudly say that she beat Wheadon to “Dude your not my nemesis”

I think it’s important to say why I have been beating up on Zuda so much.  And it’s mostly because it was so close to a success.  Zuda had the backing and the potential to rocket to the top of the webcomics field IF they had gotten some advice from the webcomic veterans out there.  Instead they decided to try and “reinvent’ webcomics and end up with a 90% solution.  And let me put it this way a 90% solution for an airplane is going to kill you and a 90% solution for webcomics is going to get you crushed by the competition.

Not that it was really the fault of the people at Zuda.  The problem with Zuda was always the coperate structure.  There was no way to fix a problem without someone who advocated for the thing in the first place loosing their job.  To succeed in webcomic being nimble is essential and Zuda was anything but nimble.

The best example of this was the flash veiwer.  That accursed flash viewer.  Someone decided that “we can’t have dem’ kids saving the comics onto their computer” and so they embeded everything in a flash application.  3 problems with that.  1 it’s easy to pull images out of a flash application if you know what your doing.  2 flash slows down the site and is not as universal as html 2 carnal sins.  3 you can’t treat your readers like the enemy in webcomics this isn’t comic books where you can piss on your readers and they will come back.

I could go on but the long and the short of it is Zuda broke my heart because they we so close to something awesome.

An interesting side note Mark Waid’s Trillbent site will have gone live by the time this comic posts.  This will mark the second time someone in comics is trying webcomics seriously.