Oh Gothia, Gothia, Gothia…

Leave it to the first girl in our rotation to give us the upskirt image.  This page was written and drawn by Gothia (http://americangothicdaily.com/) who is another person I have fallen out of contact with.  Which is a shame because Gothia is one of thoes people who manage to cram 4 persons worth of personality into one body.  In a good way.

I mention Gothia’s gender because one of the struggles I had on this rotating storytelling project was getting a good gender balance.  One of the things I love about the web in general and webcomics in specific is the gender balance of everything.  No old boy’s network here you sink or swim on the quality of your story nothing else.

Yet even though there are tons of successful female webcomic creators I didn’t have any contacts with them.  The men an the women in webcomics seem to self segment even though there is no real reason to do so.  That self segmentation also meant that the people who were excited about Zuda were mostly people with boy bits.  The women seemed to be less enthusiastic about working for a company that hires only a small fraction of women and routinely objectifies their female protagonists.

So I really had to hut for some female contributors.  And what does the first one give me.  A pantie shot.

Still Gothia has this talent for drawing unsexual nudity.  Something she does here because evey though we get a view of Celine’s underthings there’s nothing really titillating about it. This is the reason it’s good to have women working on comic they bring a really fresh perspective to what was once common place.