This page was written and drawn by Evan Keeling (  I met him through a local area comic creator collective the DC Conspiracy (  The DC Conspiracy was a good group of comic creator but I eventually fell out of contact with them mostly because they were artist and I’m very much not.  They liked to hang out in noisy bar comparing art witch is all find and good but if your talking about writing you need a more contemplative environment.  Still a good group of guys all around.

Now let me get back to bitching about Zuda

One of the Zuda requrements that drove me nuts was that they wanted wide 8 by 6 format pages instead of the standard tall 7 by 10 (ish) format. The logic on Zuda’s side was that the comic should “fill” the screen taking up every inch of real-estate.  This is seems to be a standard belief among traditional comics artist that are used to having their comics “fill” the printed page.  Why shouldn’t comic fill the screen the same way?

Those of us in the online community know that webcomics don’t work that way. First of all there are other things that need to go on your screen besides just the comic.  Ads, navigation, announcements to name a few.  If you comic is filling up the screen then none of this other stuff can fit on the screen.  After all in a comic book you get many pages in a webcomic you only get one screen.  You never want to make people click to find important information or even more so to find ads.

The other problems with this is that having a tall page give you a way to pace your comic that a wide page does not.  Human vision can take more in horizontally that it can vertically.  A wide page beams everything on the page into your brain in one burst but with a tall page you have to scan down giving timing to the comic page.  You rob your self of a story telling tool with a wide page

All book and comic book are horizontal for a reason.  Most webcomic keep the horizontal format for a reason.   But every time a comic professional tries something out on the web they have this need to “fill the screen” and end up producing a substandard webcomic.

One of the things I felt kind of cheated out of timing in Evan page.  His page is a short moment in time because he understood the format and had to pace the comic accordingly.  If we had gotten a tall page Evan would have been able to tell more of a story.  But even so it’s a pretty darn good page.