So when I say completely different I don’t mess around. This is Celine the Exquisite Corpse and boy howdy do I have things to say about this one.

Lets start off with saying this page was written by your’s truly and drawn by Jimmy Brimstone. Wish I could give you a website for Jimmy but to the best of my knowledge he doesn’t have one. Jimmy is, in my opinion, one of the most talented artist I have seen and also one of the least connected. I love his work and wish I could get him to work on more projects but it’s never really worked out.

So lets talk about the format here. This comic was a submission for the now defunct Zuda website. Zuda was… well I will talk more about  Zuda as the 8 pages of this comic progress but one of the things about Zuda really shaped this comic.  At the time the Zuda contract was basically stating that any comic submitted Zuda owned. ( Zuda actually took some pretty good IP off the market when it went defunct. )  So my logic was if Zuda was going to take away ownership why not send in a property that I couldn’t own to begin with.  A collaboratively created comic.

At the time I was participating in a comic called Troop 37 in which each page of the comic was drawn and authored by some one different.  It was quite fun at the time and I figured I could adapt that formula to this comic.  The process of collaboratively creating art was called “Exquisite Corpse” by the French Surrealists because… well frankly because they were Surrealists and giving thing descriptive names that people could understand is something the establishment would do.

So “Exquisite Corpse” sounded like a vampire to me.  At the time Twilight was getting big and this got me to thinking about the vampire mythos that I grew up with Forever Knight and Interview with a vampire.  One of the commonality among all those stories was a vampire protagonist bitching an moaning about how he is cursed, even though by any objective measure his life (or unlife) is pretty damn awesome.  The one thing we hadn’t really seen is at the time was female vampire trying to pull of this same spiel.

And so we got Celine.  A vampire cheerleader who’s life is pretty perfect doing her interview about what a curse it is to be a vampire.  This was my page and then I sent it out to the next person to add the next page of the story.