So what is this?  Well it can best be described as my webcomic junk drawer.  Over the years I have had numerous webcomic projects blowup before they could be posted for various reasons.  Sometimes the artist dropped out, sometimes my schedule became too hectic to complete them, and there were times when I realizes that something I though was going to be a great story just didn’t have any meat on it beyond the first few pages.

Whatever the reason the project just never took off and the pages produced languish on my hard drive.  That was until the day I went to organize and back up my HD.

“That’s a lot of stuff” I said to myself,  “Seems a shame to just store it gathering digital dust”

And so this site was born.  I’ll be posting all the bits and pieces of webcomic stuff I have collected over the year.  Some will be parts of stories or just little gags that I thought were funny at the time.  I will post a little context to each page going over what I was thinking at the time.  I don’t have intention of continuing any of the comics you see here but if enough people express interest in something I might looking it to revitalizing it.

Welcome to the contents of my mind.  Pardon the clutter, and don’t poke the Id it hasn’t been house broken.